A case study on SCALE project in SWITCH-Asia last report : Advancing Sustainable Development and Women’s Empowerment in Asia

The SWITCH-Asia Network Facility has just published a new report on the topic “Advancing Sustainable Development and Women’s Empowerment in Asia”. Based on 19 case studies from SWITCH-Asia Programmes in South and Southeast Asia, this report illustrates how women’s empowerment and Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) are interlinked and mutually reinforcing. It dedicates a couple of pages to a case study on SCALE project that discusses the issues and challenges of women participation in ICS supply chain:

The Myanmar cook stove project inserted a gender dimension into its action plan “to enhance the adoption of efficient improved cook stoves, thus improving women’s well-being and reducing their vulnerabilities” through gen­der-friendly communication materials, promotion of ICS among female users and mainstreaming of gender into the cook stove supply chain.

To read SCALE’s case study and 18 other inspiring case studies, please visit the SWITCH-Asia Network Facility’s website.


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