Workshop for a sustainable charcoal value chain in Cambodia

The SEFED (Support the Emergence of Sustainable Supply Chains in the Domestic Energy Sector) project is moving fast forward with the creation of a sustainable charcoal value chain in Cambodia.

GERES Cambodia held a 2-days sustainable charcoal value chain co-design workshop last week in Pursat with 13 participants: 4 forestry administration officials, 5 forest community representatives and 4 charcoal producers.

On the first day the discussions focused on the modalities to scale-up the sustainable charcoal value chain model including: the options to increase the production through specific silviculture treatments, the feasibility of investment in plantations for the most degraded areas and the production cost structure for wood and charcoal to ensure both, competitive pricing strategy and fair revenues.


On the second day the beneficiaries were introduced to the Sustainable Woodfuel Traceability System, a mobile application that allows to trace the origin and movement of the wood along the value chain, hereby ensuring the legality and sustainability of the charcoal. The participants showed great interest for the application that will provide new tool to manage their community forests and ease the relationship among stakeholders.


They had the chance to try the app and give their feedback. They practiced entering data and transactions into the application that they found “clear and easy to use”.



SEFED project warmly thanks UNDP for its logistic and financial support for the event, as well as AFD, PEFC, OFID, and Fondation Michelham de Hellingly.

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