Cambodian Youth, Coffee and talks on Climate Change

On June 13th, a group of young Cambodians sat wide-eyed listening to a presentation that opened their mind to that phenomenon that EVERYBODY in the world is talking about – climate change.

More than 20 members of Politikoffee, a youth organization that meet up once a week – over coffee (and not alcohol as is common among many Cambodian youth!) – to discuss and debate on pertinent political issues affecting Cambodian society, gathered and diverged for once from their usual politics talks, and talked about the earth’s climate and how its warming is affecting – and could further affect – humanity.


Climate change has no border. Even though US, EU, China, India and other emerging countries have released a lot of greenhouse effect so many years yet not only the citizens of those countries are suffering but Cambodia people are also torturing (sic). In Cambodia we have for last several months experienced very hot weather. We are torturing (sic) by the global warming which is mainly contributed by the developed and emerging countries,” Ou Ritthy – co-Founder of Politikoffee – notes.

photos grabbed from Politikoffee’s Facebook page (included the front picture)

In the presentation, Charlotte Nivollet, GERES Director for Southeast Asia, mentioned that “extreme heat events used to affect only 1% of the population in the beginning of the 20th century, but now affects 10% of the world population, with the hottest temperatures ever having been recorded in 2014.” And it is humanity’s chosen development track – which had necessitated the often unretractable emissions of massive amounts of harmful gases into the atmosphere – that has put humanity is such a vulnerable position.

“Participants feel informed with mixed feelings of shock when understanding the tragedy of common (sic) of the people in planet,” Ritthy describes his fellow youth’s reaction to their newfound knowledge.

Ritthy and his fellow youth recognize that awareness of the repercussions of the climate’s unnatural warming. And through their work and personal actions, they vow to spread this awareness to as many people as they interact with – both young and old.

If you’d like a copy of the Mechanisms of climate change, consequences and required political answers presentation, please contact us.