CESPA is unveiling its new visual identity!

Cambodian association for the promotion of efficient stoves - CESPA
CESPA – Cambodian Efficient Stove Promotion Association

The first of its kind Cambodian business association in the Improved Cookstove (ICS) sector, recently renamed CESPA (Cambodian Efficient Stove Promotion Association), is striving to develop the ICS market in Cambodia. One of the association’s main ambitions is to strengthen the branding and promotion of the association and its products. Only three months after the Constituent General Assembly, CESPA revamped its visual identity and unveiled two different logos, one for the association, and one serving as a product trademark, certifying the quality of CESPA’s ICS. Each stove which will successfully pass quality control will be allowed to display the trademark. This unique and recognizable quality label will allow customers to easily identify and differentiate certified improved cookstoves on the market, and to become aware of its benefits: fuel savings, lower impact on the environment, longer lifespan, and local manufacture.

CESPA corporate logo
Khmer handcrafted efficient stove, certified by CESPA

The logo was designed in a phased process. Firstly, CESPA’s board, GERES and CIRD brainstormed on the message the new logo should convey. Then, local designers were asked to create and then test several propositions during focus groups involving ICS end-users. Based on these consultations, the designers elaborated the final version of the logos and slogans which were unanimously approved by CESPA’s board.

CESPA efficient stove product logo
Former logo of CESPA representing two ICS producers.

Vann Tola, CESPA’s newly elected president, is really enthusiastic about this new label and feels optimistic regarding the future of the association. She feels that the new logos are easy to remember and she appreciates the fact that the green color represents ICS’ positive impact on the environment.  She insists on the importance of communication campaigns in order to promote the new visual identity of CESPA and certified ICS among customers, and to attract new members in the association. Therefore, CESPA will now engage intensive promotion efforts at a national scale.

The empowerment of the Improved Cookstove supply chain is part of the 3-year project called “Support the Emergence of Sustainable Supply Chains in the Domestic Energy Sector” (SEFED), cofounded by AFD and implemented by GERES. The project also aims to support forest communities in the production and promotion of sustainable charcoal in Cambodia in order to foster the development of environmentally friendly biomass-energy supply chains for domestic cooking in Cambodia.

Khmer handcrafted efficient stove – high savings, eco-friendly, long lasting

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