Great start into 2018 for CESPA!

2018 is starting very positively for CESPA, the new Cambodian Efficient Stove Promoters Association whose aim is to organize together efficient cookstove producers and distributors, thereby ensuring the long term sustainability of the sector in Cambodia.

Last December, CESPA has launched its registration period with two information meetings held on the 14th and 15th of December in Banch Chhkol village and in Kdey Thnot village. The meetings, moderated by the association’ board, were a great success and resulted in the registration of 161 members: 28 NLS producers, 46 NKS producers and 87 distributors. Each new member received a welcome package after paying his annual membership fee.

Noteworthy, CESPA also received the official approval from the Ministry of Interior in the last days of 2017.

The association is off to a great start into 2018 and will soon launch its quality certification.


The empowerment of the Improved Cookstove supply chain is part of the 3-year project called “Support the Emergence of Sustainable Supply Chains in the Domestic Energy Sector” (SEFED), cofounded by AFD and implemented by GERES. The project also aims to support forest communities in the production and promotion of sustainable charcoal in Cambodia in order to foster the development of environmentally friendly biomass-energy supply chains for domestic cooking in Cambodia.

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