Launch of CESPA’s own quality Label


The launch of CESPA own quality Label on the 2nd of April comes reward the work achieved by CESPA board since last year.



Elaboration and implementation of Quality Assurance and Control (QAC)

Last summer CESPA work on the elaboration of a set of QAC procedures. Once developed, the board constituted a team of volunteer producers that followed a training provided by GERES on how to do the QAC inspections: taking the dimension of the stoves, entering the data, calculating the scores, etc. QAC service to the members were formally launched in February 2018.



Visual identity of the label

While creating CESPA logo and visual identity back in June 2017, CESPA also developed with the communication agency the design of the label to stick on each ICS passing QAC inspection. This visual label will make it easy for customers to recognize the efficient stoves among the different options when shopping for a new stove.




Communication campaign

In order to make its quality label known from the public, CESPA, with the assistance of GERES, planned a communication campaign that was launched in March 2018 and which will run until June.

The slogan of the campaign is simple: “ ICS is the sun sign stove”  and aim at reminding people that efficient cookstoves are the stoves displaying the label which features a sun.

A mix of communication tools were chosen in order to reach a wide audience: training of distributors on the marketing message of the label, banners for the distributors and retailers, T-shirt and caps for the distributors to make them more visible to customers, radio spots, video that will be used during events, Facebook page, village promotion events, etc.



The empowerment of the Improved Cookstove supply chain is part of the 3-year project called “Support the Emergence of Sustainable Supply Chains in the Domestic Energy Sector” (SEFED), cofounded by AFD and OFID and implemented by GERES. The project also aims to support forest communities in the production and promotion of sustainable charcoal in Cambodia in order to foster the development of environmentally friendly biomass-energy supply chains for domestic cooking in Cambodia.

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