A new identity for the Myanmar improved cookstoves sector

One of the main objectives of GERES SCALE project is to stimulate the demand for Improved Cookstoves (ICS) in Myanmar among rural and peri-urban biomass energy users through awareness raising and promotion activities on the economic and environmental benefits of improved cooking solutions. An engaging communication and marketing strategy is instrumental to facilitate the large-scale and sustainable access to quality improved cookstoves among Myanmar population.

The first step of this communication and marketing strategy was to design a visual identity for Myanmar improved cookstoves sector and create a strong brand positioning. This core identity will be advertised through a number of high-impact communication and marketing tools that will be disseminated through relevant channels – TV, promotion events, social media…

San Pya cookstoves


SCALE project worked with a local communication agency to create the brand identity. The result is a fun, locally adapted and gender-sensitive brand. The brand has to inspire confidence and be educative in order to give a clear picture of what is an Improved Cookstove. According to the consumers’ surveys conducted by the project, messages displayed should highlight in priority time and fuel savings, stove durability, ease of use and safety benefits of the Improved Cookstoves. Additionally, in order to leverage these existing drivers, the messages should raise awareness on health and environmental impacts of inefficient cooking practices.


SCALE team wanted the design process to be inclusive. Therefore, the team consulted various stakeholders – end-users, stoves producers, retailers, distributors and the project team – to make sure that the visual identity was relevant to the local context.

The brand name is San Pya which means Ideal in Myanmar language. The tagline can be translated as Improve your living standards by using San Pya Cookstoves. The diamond shape of the logo is referring to old Myanmar movies and therefore to a quality traditional product. The colors are red and yellow which gives energy and reminds fire.

As women are the main users and buyers of cookstoves, the brand has to be tailored to a feminine audience. This is why the mascot represents a Myanmar woman wearing traditional clothes and using tanakha, a traditional cosmetic tree powder wildly used in the country (the yellow spots on her cheeks).

The mascot and the logo will be featured in all the marketing materials: pamphlets, posters and banners for retailers’ shops, awareness raising materials, trainings materials…

San Pya Label



This visual identity will allow the end-users to easily identify Improved Cookstoves on the market through the creation of a quality label that shall encompass all existing and future stove designs complying with the National standard on Improved Cookstoves (currently under development).

The quality label ensures the stoves have passed the quality control process and highlights the four main advantages of Improved Cookstoves: saving fuel, cooking faster, saving money and making the household safer.


This branding work is the first step of a wider marketing strategy aiming to promote Improved Cookstoves in Myanmar through training of ICS supply chain actors and promotion campaigns for end-users. An advertising campaign on social media and TV is currently in preparation.

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