What’s up with SCALE?

In Myanmar, the SCALE – Strengthening improved Cookstove Access towards a better quality of Life and Environment – Project is well underway. The European Union-funded project supports a global SWITCH to sustainable consumption and production by helping put in place a supply chain which is capable of driving wide-scale and sustainable access to fuel-efficient cookstoves […]

[NLS Story Series] Cooking up beautiful transformations

NEW LAO STOVE Story Series The NLS story series tells of stories of people – their past, their struggles, and most of all, their successes and hopes – in rural Cambodia and how their beautiful journey is in part defined by their having crossed paths with the New Lao Stove. The Story of VON SREY […]

ICS movement catching fire

by Yohanes Iwan Baskoro, Lead Technical Advisor, StovePlus program A question was posed to me recently: More than 50 years after the notion that had put improved cookstove (ICS) as part of the solution to the global fuel, environment and health problems began to gain global recognition, why are we now still talking about promoting […]