Training Cambodia Forest Communities in sustainable forest management

In the frame of the Support the Emergence of Sustainable Supply Chains in the Domestic Energy Sector (SEFED) project, GERES Cambodia is conducting a pilot project aiming at creating the conditions for the emergence of a sustainable charcoal value chain.

As part of this pilot, GERES and its partner organization RECOFTC led a three days training on Community Forest management, inventory protocol and silviculture practices.

Fourteen members from seven Forest Communities located in Pursat and Kampong Chhnang attended the training. Seven Forestry Administration staff also joined this training.


During the first day, the highly-skilled trainer focused on the theory discussing the concepts and purposes of the different practices presented.





For the remaining two days, the participants were able to practice their newly acquired skills in the field, to build their confidence and experience. They made inventories of 3 lots of wood in order to establish the wood collection potential and they cut approximately 5 steres of wood using sustainable techniques such as pruning.

After going back to their Community Forest, the participants will teach what they learnt to their community.

This activity was implemented thanks to the financial support of UNDP, AFD, OFID, PEFC and Foundation Lord Michelham de Hellingly.

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